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[FIC] Human Behavior (Complete, Gen)

Title: Human Behavior
Characters: Kirk, Spock, various
Rating: T
Word Count: Total, 29,500
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for Operation – Annihilate!. References to various themes such as Stockholm Syndrome referring to the neurological parasites. References to deleted scenes and transcript of OA. Speculation for most of the surrounding story arcs. Shameless H/C and character exploration. Lack of plot. The usual, in other words. Don't say I didn't warn you.  Other section-specific warnings within each chapter.
Summary: Five human behaviors Spock did not understand, and one that he definitely did understand.
A/N:  After six years and two laptop crashes, I finally finished this monstrosity, so here it is.  Yikes.

Chapter One  | Chapter Two  | Chapter Three | Chapter Four  | Chapter Five  | Chapter Six  | Or read on
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[FIC] Moments In Time (11/?, Gen)

Series Title: Moments in Time
Characters: early Triumvirate
Word Count: 7400ish (this chapter)
Rating: T overall
Warnings/Spoilers: (this chapter) Vague spoilers for Where No Man Has Gone Before. Full warnings in each chapter.
Series Summary:  Missing scenes, tags, and other bits and pieces related to episodes as I go through a TOS rewatch.
This Chapter Summary: After an away mission gone wrong, Spock reflects upon the captaincy turnover, and how in just a few months, two humans in particular have upended over ten years' worth of habits built aboard the Enterprise. Slice-of-life, nothing really whatsoever to do with the above-mentioned episode and its god-awful mustard uniform choices.

Previous Chapters:

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NEW:  Chapter Eleven: Where No Man Has Gone Before

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[FIC] Only Human (4/6, Gen)

Title: Only Human
Characters: primarily Kirk & Spock, McCoy, bits of others
Rating: T
Word Count: (this bit)  8876
Warnings/Spoilers: Basic TOS spoilers and speculation for all sections, Major STID spoilers in the last section. THIS SECTION:  Spoilers (aftermath/missing scene) from Chapter 5b of My Captain.  Warning for mentions (non-graphic) of torture, eg. sensory deprivation.
Summary: Five times through the centuries that Spock of Vulcan was surprised by Jim Kirk's human selflessness, and one time he was not at all surprised.

Chapter OneChapter TwoChapter Three | NEW: Chapter Four/A  | Chapter Four/B
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Fic rec

Hello fellow Kirk fans,

Came to recommend a story, that I have very much enjoyed so far. Not finished, but 6 long chapters up:

by Jane D2

"The retraining of your mind has been in the Vulcan way, so you may not understand feelings. But as my son, you have them. They will surface." Set between "The Voyage Home" and "The Final Frontier"

Focus on Kirk and Spock friendship, with a bit of McCoy. It's about emotional fallout, not action.


Hi, people, TSiLvY here. So sorry for the prolonged lack of updates, but we admins have been so deeply buried in *things* that more and more time passed by without us noticing.

Anyway, today is William Shatner's birthday and as such it's also our lovely captain's, so let's just say
with the aid of this gorgeous art work from Nagini-snake and let's hope to be more and more operative in the near future.

Take care, all of you. <3
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[FIC] Only Human (Gen, K+, 2/6)

Title: Only Human
Characters: primarily Kirk & Spock, bits of others
Rating: K+
Word Count: (this bit) 2419
Warnings/Spoilers: Basic TOS spoilers and speculation for all sections (spoilers for Obsession and total KCS-speculation for this section), Major STID spoilers in the last section
Summary: Five times through the centuries that Spock of Vulcan was surprised by Jim Kirk's human selflessness, and one time he was not at all surprised.

A/N: Full introductory AN in Chapter One.  Technically only Chapter Two has Jim!whump so far, so it's the first cross-posted here.

Chapter OneNEW:   <<Chapter Two>>

Does Anyone Know this Author....?

It's rare for me to find a new-to-me author of TOS fanfic (many Kirk-centric tales) and I came across this archive. I sampled a few stories and absolutely loved the quality of the writing. I wanted to drop the author a note to let them know how much I enjoyed the tales and to ask about a few unfinished ones, but there is no contact button. That's kinda strange. I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with this archive and/or the author?

Star Trek TOS Art

Title: Final Frontier
Artist/Mixer: Romanse
Pairings(s): Jim Kirk/Spock
Warnings:mild slash

Description: Carbon Pencil Drawing

Note I decided to post this piece in the aftermath of the rockin' time I had at this year's Shoreleave. Yes, I FINALLY got my chance to meet, greet and be photographed with William Shatner so I'm all happy. If I have time, I want to embed an ep from the newest Star Trek episode too 'cause I thought it was pretty darn good!

This is a zine art piece featuring Jim and Spock, and a bit of the Enterprise for good measure. Jim's pose is taken from the ep, "City on the Edge of Forever"...just slightly modified.

“Final Frontier”

Feedback is love! : )
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[FIC] Step by Step (Gen, oneshot)

Title:  Step by Step
Characters:  Kirk, Spock, McCoy
Genre:  H/C, fluff, gen
Rating:  K
Word Count: 3378
Warnings/Spoilers:  Not a blessed thing.
Summary:  Even sick as a dog, Jim Kirk is a very lucky man.  You don't just luck into things as much as you would like to think you do.  You build step by step, whether it is friendships or opportunities- Barbara Bush
A/N:  Fills one of my st_20_fics table prompts, "Most admirals don't have a lick of sense, anyway."  Also answers a writing prompt given to me by writer_klmeriThe first time Kirk tried plomeek soup - and he didn't like it. Not that that's the proper thing to say to a Vulcan when that Vulcan is possibly, minutely, on the verge of looking concerned Jim might actually be dying. Note to self, Kirk. Talk to Doctor McCoy about his penchant for exaggeration. Here you go, m'friend.  :)

Mods, I used the illness (major) tag, because there's no tag for not-so-major illness.  While I'm sure having the flu is a fairly major thing even in the 23rd century, I'm not sure that really applies.  ;)